What is Barzahlen?

With Barzahlen you can pay bills in cash at your local supermarket. This includes online orders in the sectors e-commerce, gaming and travel as well as bills from insurances, housing and collection companies. In addition, with Barzahlen customers of specific banks can pay money in their bank account and cash out at the supermarket with Barzahlen.

How does Barzahlen work?

Barzahlen is very simple. Simply order at your preferred online shop, print the payment slip or have it sent to your mobile phone and pay at a local retail partner store. The order will be delivered to your home in the shortest time possible. In case you receive a payment slip via mail, the process is the same. As with online orders, the bar code on the slip gets scanned at the check-out and the open amount can be paid. For banking with Barzahlen you only need your banking app. In a few steps you can create your own barcode that can immediately be scanned. After that, the requested amount is cashed out or added to your credit balance. You can find a description of the entire payment process at The way it works

Where can I pay my bill with Barzahlen?

You can pay the payment slip comfortably at one of our many retail partners stpres. These include REWE, Penny, dm-drogerie, real,-, Budni and mobilcom-debitel stores as well as subsidaries of Unternehmensgruppe Dr. Eckert. Unternehmensgruppe Dr. Eckert consists of the following shops: Ludwig, Eckert, Barbarino, Adam’s and ON!Express. You can find an overview of our retail partners and the store closest to you with our Store finder

How many days do I have until the payment slip is invalid?

The validity can differ between Barzahlen’s partners. As a general rule, the order will be reserved for you for a period of 14 days. You will always be able to find the exact expiration date on your payment slip.

At which companies can I pay with Barzahlen?

Barzahlen is cooperating with some of the biggest and most popular companies in the mentioned sectors in Germany. You can find an overview of these companies Shopping world.

What banks is Barzahlen cooperating with?

Barzahlen is cooperating with DKB AG and N26 GmbH.

Am I allowed to pay my payment slip with credit/debit card?

At dm and Budni, you can pay your payment slip with cash only. The reception points of REWE, PENNY, mobilcom-debitel and UGDE allow the payment with credit/debit cards and cash.

Is there an age restriction when using Barzahlen?

No, there isn’t any age restriction. You can use the service of Barzahlen independent of your age. That’s why you can shop online even underage and with no need of a credit card. Within the legal framework of § 110 BGB, the so called “pocket money paragraph”, adolescents may shop online and pay with their pocket money.

Can I use Barzahlen without a printer?

You do not need a printer to pay with Barzahlen. Instead, you can load the payment slip as a PDF on your smartphone or we send you a SMS with the number of the bar code directly on your phone. The number just needs to be shown at the cash desk at one of our retail partner stores. In case it is not possible to scan the bar code at the cash desk, the staff can type in the number by hand.

Ordering information

When will I receive my order?

As soon as you have paid your payment slip at a retail partner store a payment confirmation is sent to the online shop. The online shop is able to ship your order immediatly. Please note that Barzahlen is only the payment provider. Detailed shipping information can only be provided by the online shop. You receive detailed information about your order and the delivery date directly from the online shop and information about your outstanding bill directly from the invoicing party.

How do I return a bought product?

If you ever need to return a bought product, it must be sent, as usual, to the return address of the online shop. As soon as the merchant receives the returned product, an email with the refund slip is sent out to you. This refund slip allows you to be refunded the amount due at any of the retail partners. Please note that dm-drogerie markt, Budni and Penny only do refunds up to an amount of €300. Alternatively you have the possibility to send your bank account details to Barzahlen via a secured online document. The refundable amount will then be transferred to your bank account.

If I return the order, where can I get my money back?

In general, you can get the refund at any of our Barzahlen partner stores - independent of the store you have paid the payment slip at. Please consider, that refunds at Penny, dm-drogeriemarkt and Bundi are only possible up to an amount of 300 €. In the stores of real,-,mobilcom-debitel and UGDE (including Ludwig, Eckert, Barbarino, Adam’s and ON!Express), a refund over 300 € is possible. For the refund you need the offical refund slip of Barzahlen that you only receive directly from the invoicing parties. A refund without this slip is not possible.

I accidently ordered more than once, what shall I do?

If you ordered more than once by accident, please contact the online shop. The shop can cancel your order and hence the payment slip.

Do I have any buyer-protection with Barzahlen?

Barzahlen offers an extensive buyer-protection. You may find more information here.

Problems with your order

My payment slip has expired

If your payment slip has expired, please contact the invoicing party. After the payment slip has expired, the online shop can no longer reserve the product for you and we cannot extend the duration of your payment slip. The same goes for other invoicing parties. Only they can introduce further steps after the payment slip has expired that Barzahlen as a service provider cannot influence.

I have chosen Barzahlen, but I didn’t receive an e-mail or SMS

Over our contact form , you can send us a message with the information, that you didn’t receive an e-mail or SMS. Please insert the same e-mailaddress you used for your order, so we can relate the process. One of our colleagues will take care of the case and will send you your payment slip as soon as possible.

I accidently deleted the e-mail or SMS

Over our contact form you can easily request a new payment slip. Please insert the same e-mail address you used for your order, so we can relate the process. One of our colleagues will take care of the case and will send you your payment slip as soon as possible.

I would like to change my e-mail address or telephone number

If you inserted the wrong e-mail address or telephone number, please contact our customer service at +49 30 346 46 16 06 or write us a message

How can I verify that the e-mail I received really is from Barzahlen?

The e-mail includes hyperlinks, which all guide you to Please make sure, the domain is Also a PDF document is attached to the e-mail, including either your payment slip or a refund slip. The e-mail subject contains the online shop where you bought the product, as well as the price, which is indicated in the e-mail and the PDF. The same counts for the refund. The e-mail will be sent by

Advantages of Barzahlen

What kind of advantages does Barzahlen offer me? 

With Barzahlen you are able to pay your bills 100% securely at a local retail partner store. You neither need a credit card, nor online banking, and you don't need to disclose any financial details. You don't need to worry about hacker attacks, data abuse, fraud or phishing.

Do I need to register for Barzahlen?

There is no need to register, remember countless passwords or to endure credit ratings by third-party providers. Moreover, you are not facing any additional costs for this service.

You pay the exact amount due for your order. Other secure payment methods, such as prepaid cards, often leave you with remainder amounts which are difficult to use for further shopping.

Will any personal data be stored?

With Barzahlen no data will be stored at all. You don’t need a credit card nor do you need online banking, you don’t even have to register at any point. No solvency check by the Schufa is needed. This way we make sure, that your data is save from hacker attacks, data abuse, deception or phishing.

Do I need a credit card?

Barzahlen works without credit card. You don’t need online banking, registration or a solvency check by the Schufa. You simply pay in cash.

Does Barzahlen cost anything?

Regularly no extra fees are charged and Barzahlen is absolutely free to use. In rare cases the merchant can add on extra fees for specific payment methods.

About the company

Who is behind Barzahlen?

Barzahlen was developed by the Cash Payment Solutions GmbH.  The Cash Payment Solutions GmbH was founded the beginning of 2011 in the heart of Berlin. The management team consists of Achim Bönsch and Sebastian Seifert.

Barzahlen enables consumers to pay bills of different sectors in cash at a local retail partner store. Barzahlen aims to offer every customer a secure and easy payment method that is independent of the disclosure of financial details.