Smart ways
for cash

Barzahlen is the largest bank-independent payment infrastructure in Europe. It allows cash withdrawals and deposits at the checkout via barcode.


How it works

Sign into Banking App

Open your banking app and choose a transaction: deposit or withdrawal.

Choose Amount

Enter the amount you want to withdraw or deposit.

Withdraw or Deposit

Scan the barcode at the checkout at a retail partner and withdraw or deposit cash.

Select Barzahlen as Payment Method

Shop online and choose Barzahlen when checking out.

Get the Barcode

Retrieve the barcode with the order confirmation via PDF, SMS or Apple Wallet.

Pay at our Partner Stores

Scan the barcode at the checkout of one of our retail partners and pay your purchase.

Receive Barcode

The Barzahlen barcode will be attached to your incoming bill via mail, email or text message.

Choose Store

Find the closest partner store in our shop finder (see map below).

Pay at our Partner Stores

Scan the barcode at the checkout of a partner store to pay your bill or to receive a reimbursement.


Where to find our partner stores

The closest stores near


Benefit #1

Cash transactions are done quickly and faster than any other payment method.


Benefit #2

A Barzahlen partner store is always around the corner and the network continues to grow.


Benefit #3

You do not have to register or provide sensitive financial data to us or the retail partner.